Engineered System Solutions was founded by Dave Holigan in 1998. After working in the microelectronics industry for over 20 years, Dave was able to realize his dream of founding a company focused on innovative, high-technology engineering. Drawing on an inveterate network of potential clients and expert services, ESS quickly established a reputation for quality and the ability to secure the resources to handle a wide range of engineering contracts.

Our customers come to us with an idea, a sketch, or a conversation about a product they want to produce. We follow the product from that initial idea to a production design, market introduction, and product support.

From the initial concept we generate specifications of your product. This is followed by a detailed design of the system. Hardware design includes parts selection, board design and layout. Software design includes, firmware implementation, driver design, and user application programming. Once a prototype is ready we move onto the development of the product, with complete debug and vetting at each stage of product development. ESS, with help from our expert partners in design, software engineering, board fabrication, and final assembly, can turn your concept into a reality.